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I’m a passionate enthusiast who finds immense joy in exploring the realms of creativity and expression. My appreciation and love for art over the years have driven me to delve into its various forms and discover its profound impact on our lives. Professionally, I have a diverse background in the business world, having worked for the renowned multinational companies across the globe. My expertise lies in Marketing, Consumer and Market Intelligence.

Originally born in Moscow, Russia, my journey has taken me far and wide, living, studying, and working for over two decades in nine different countries across South-East Asia, the Middle East, Central and Eastern, Western Europe, and Latin America. These experiences as an expatriate have enriched my understanding of the world and allowed me to embrace the beauty of diverse perspectives.

In spite of a fast-paced international career in business, I was always connected to the art world and tried to develop my artistic skills. Thus, in Geneva, Switzerland, I attended the art school of Gilbert Wolfisberg, learning drawing and painting techniques, as well as the main aesthetic principles that govern painting. Further in my business career, I worked in the art industry, heading one of the main auction houses in The Netherlands, where I was surrounded by beautiful antiquity and fine art. This prompted me to deepen my understanding and appreciation of art history and formalize my knowledge by the graduated Sotheby’s course in The History of Art curated by art historian and MoMA educator Georgia Krantz. I further learned and practiced techniques of realism oil painting following Mark Carder method. I believe in today’s accessible world there are multiple ways to learn and advance your understanding and practice of painting, either traditional or digital. Through various online certified courses, I've acquired qualified skills in photography and various software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, Procreate, among others. Nevertheless, the most important driver to me is my inner passion for art and my daily dedication to continually discovering, expanding and improving my artistic skills.

In my personal life, I am a proud mother to two adorable children and share my life with my husband. We live in The Netherlands surrounded by a beautiful forest and dunes along the boisterous North Sea.

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“Kids are usually so afraid of me that I try to hide myself in the closets. But when the sun goes down, I naturally come out there and serve my role of helping all the living creatures on Earth fall asleep and relax. It makes me so sad that you are afraid of me, little girl.” 

The Darkness

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About the book

This story "The Little Girl and The Darkness" was inspired by my little daughter, who used to be afraid of the darkness and struggled to sleep on her own. Regardless of many reassurances and cuddles, she would eventually find her way to mommy’s bed in the middle of the night, filled with fear of the darkness and monsters hovering in the closets. This experience prompted me to tap into my visual storytelling abilities, using words and illustrations to show her that darkness is really nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, darkness can be a comforting presence that takes care of your rest and well-being. Thus, the story with its colourful pictures was born, initially drawn with a simple pencil on paper. To my surprise, this little tale was so loved by my children that they urged me to share it with others. I sincerely hope that this bedtime story, with its naïve illustrations, will bring comfort and reassurance to your children as well. 



My children are an endless source of inspiration for me. Our shared passion is to see and explore this beautiful world, from Antarctica to North Pole. They, too, are little globe trotters, having lived across various continents and cultures. My parental journey with them is a constant adventure of new discoveries and self-reinvention. Through them, I rediscover my deep passion for art and writing, which has been with me since I was a little girl myself. 


I enjoy working and experimenting with different kinds of art medium combining photography with drawing materials. Oil paint is my favourite art medium for creating large portrait works, but I also love to work with the digital illustration tools. Every painting or illustration I create is a unique exploration, as I strive to capture the right atmosphere and purpose in my art. 

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